Through observation and experience I inform my work to showcase interactions of the natural world with manufactured .When I create my artwork I move back and forth between being very impulsive and being very calculated. As I spend time on a piece there is a pendulum swing in my approach. Head first feverish building up gives way to contemplative planning and editing. I step very comfortably into this pattern, it feels like my natural rhythm. I have to be careful not to get hung up on one end or the other. A overextended run of spontaneous work can become vague and feel uninformed, alternatively to much time spent being precious with a piece of work can leave it stagnant. I balance my time spent indulging both my chaotic moments and my orderly methods.A work of art coming into existence shares parallels with the new life that follows procreation. I have an impulse to leave an impression behind that feels like it is imbedded in my biology. People, animals and plants all spend tremendous energy creating more of themselves. I create instinctively, my artwork is a natural extension of my need to exist.A sense of responsibility sits within me to give something to my progeny. Through my artwork I elaborate upon personal emotions that I believe to be worth sharing with the world.